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Lyphan Streifen Spezialpapiere


Lyphan specialty papers are used in the measurement of specific solutions. Lyphan strips are manufactured with the indicator and the comparative color scale combined on one strip. Lpyhan strips come in packages of 200 strips in a handy folding case, and if kept dry and in a dark place, they will keep for several years.

Variety L625:

The specific indicators on this paper can be submerged for longer in the test solution and allow you to measure weakly buffered solutions.

Variety L659:

The comparison colors are specially designed for beer and other fermented products.

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strips weak buffering
L 625 pH 3,0 3,3 3,6 3,9 4,2 4,5 4,8 5,1
strips Beer and other fermented products
L 659 pH 2,4 2,7 3,0 3,2 3,4 3,7 4,0 4,3

Instructions for use pH indicator paper (specialty):

Hold the indicator strip at the top and dip it into the solution so that the entire strip is moistened.
The upper part of the paper strip which you hold onto, is separated by a hydrophobic zone, so that it’s possible to work safely and cleanly.
After dipping, promptly compare the indicator colors with the color scale and decide which one it matches. Then read the corresponding pH value from the box.