The name LYPHAN historically stands for high quality pH indicator paper. The company Gerhard Kloz GmbH continues to produce high quality rolls and strips of LYPHAN indicator paper using the proven formulas that guarantee continued high quality.


Our pH – indicator papers are impregnated with indicators that show a color change after contact with test solutions, which allows an assignment of the pH value. The measurement determined using our pH papers is accurate and requires no special calibration. The measurement can also be carried out privately at home or performed by untrained personnel.

Our product range includes indicator papers for general use as well as papers covering the entire pH range in 0.2 pH and 0.3 pH gradients, which enables highly accurate measurements even in intermediate areas.
LYPHAN test papers are available in rolls, test strips, refill packages or refills, books and booklets, and small blocks, and also as custom orders..

Lyphan Rollen Original

With Congo paper, litmus paper, Nitrazine yellow paper and phenolphthalein paper, the user can quickly and simply determine if a test solution is acidic, neutral or base.

Lyphan Hefte ohne Farbskala

LYPHAN pH test papers are used as an inexpensive screening test in all areas where it’s necessary to measure the pH value.

Among the users of our test papers are:
Laboratory Distributors, laboratories
Tanning and leather industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Holistic Therapy and Alternative Medicine
Schools and educational institutions
Aquarium and environmental analysis
Breweries and Food Chemistry

The applications of our test papers are, among other things:
Quick test material in Analytics and analysis
Testing the acid-base value in urine
Testing EM solutions (Effective Micro-Organisms)
Use as laboratory consumables and laboratory tools
pH control of aquariums
pH measurement in mash, beer and similar liquids