Return and cancellation

Due to the legal right of withdrawal of non-commercial customers as opposed to commercial customers, the non-commercial customer has different rights than the commercial customer. The non-commercial customer has the right to cancel the goods in writing within 14 days of receiving the goods, without reason. The period begins with receipt of the notice of cancellation. The customer’s cancellation must be sent to the seller within 14 days to the address below. If the goods themselves are returned within the 14 day period that is also sufficient to act as notice of cancellation.
Dr. Gerhard Kloz GmbH
Eisfelder Str. 35
D-98724 Neuhaus / Rwg.
Fax 03679/720079

Return and Cancellation Consequences

In the event of a cancellation we will refund the buyer upon receipt of the goods, the value of the returned goods. We expressly point out that the shipping costs are NOT refundable (this does not affect the return costs, see next paragraph)! The buyer can return the goods received in whole or in part. However, if they are returned in a deteriorated condition, he must pay us compensation for the value of the damage. The buyer can avoid having to pay damages by not using the goods at all, and avoiding any activity that would damage them or reduce their worth in any way.
In the case of a cancellation, the buyer is responsible for returning the goods when they can be shipped using a package shipping service.
For shipments with a value of more than 40 Euro, the seller bears the costs and liability of the shipment. For shipments with a worth of less than 40 Euro, the buyer must bear the full cost and liability of the return shipment. In both cases, the buyer pays for the return shipping first, and then is refunded the money through the shipping service, when it’s a case of goods over the 40 Euro limit, and the seller is required to pay the costs. Returns that do not fall under the Return and cancellation rules require our consent. A return  fee of 20% of the purchase price would be retained by the seller, and the customer is responsible for the all transport and shipping fees.

Download here (german language forms): PDF form  alternatively as DOC form