Lyphan booklets without colour scale

Lyphan Hefte ohne Farbskala

The Lyphan booklets are delivered without colour scale. They are used for the general test of acidic and alkaline (base) reaction. They are not for determining a numerically accurate pH value.

Booklets with 100 strips




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item Booklet pH range Colour change Purpose
HKON Congo paper 5,0 to 3,0 red to blue Neutralization analyses, acid testing in the medical field (eg free hydrochloric acid in the stomach), detection of lactic acid bacteria in culture media
HPHE Phenolphthalein paper 8,3 to 10,0 white to red Neutralization analysis, Determination of a strong alkaline chemical reaction
HLB Litmus paper blue 8,0 to 5,0 blue to red Testing acidic or alkaline reactions, testing neutralization

Instructions for use pH indicator paper:

Dip the test strip in the solution for 1 to 2 seconds.
Thereafter read the change of colour.